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All Saints, Garsdon 

Our Services


Sunday services at All Saints, Garsdon offer a traditional form of worship and favour the 1662 Prayer Book.  They usually take place at 9.30am and currently keep to the following pattern:
 1st Sunday 
 9.30 am    
Morning Prayer BCP
 2nd Sunday 
 9.30 am  
Holy Communion BCP
 3rd Sunday
 9.30 am 
Morning Prayer BCP
 4th Sunday
 10.30 am
Woodbridge Group-wide service at different churches 
in the Group by rotation
 5th Sunday
 9.00 am
10.30 am 
Woodbridge Group-wide services at different churches 
in the Group by rotation  
There are also special services for Easter, Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas.
For the current service schedule, please click here.