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The Woodbridge Council
The Woodbridge Council is a body drawn from members of the Woodbridge Group of churches that meets on a regular basis to discuss and agree matters relating to the organisation of the benefice as a whole.  

The Ministry Team

The Ministry Team, comprising all licensed ministers in the Woodbridge Group, ordained and lay, meets monthly and minutes of meeting are available below,  There are currently one ordained and four lay ministers in the team.  

Forthcoming Meeting Dates - Woodbridge Council
17 January 2018: 7.30pm Lea Church Room
21 March 2018: 7.30pm Lea Church Room
16 May 2018: 7.30pm Lea Church Room

27 May 2018: AGM after the Group 10.30am Service
18 July 2018: 7.30pm Lea Church Room
19 September 2018: 7.30pm Lea Church Room
21 November 2018: 7.30pm Lea Church Room
Woodbridge Council  Minutes

To see minutes of previous meetings, please click on the relevant date below: